Sanderlings describes their new single as their anthem: “Lizard’s Mouth Feeling is sorta my ode to living in Santa Barbara, traveling and being outdoors. I’m a restless soul and love to keep moving.”

This song encompasses the vibe I’m sure many musicians feel: that desire to escape from the corporate lifestyle to perfect their craft, so as to begin to shape the world around them. The lyrics mimic this emotion bluntly, and I think it’s this lack of metaphor that really drives the point home; this is how the songwriter feels at his core, and that emotion brightly shines through. The descriptions of these beautiful locations further his romanticization of this life dream. On the instrumentation side, this track contains a recurring guitar riff that is extremely catchy and becomes very recognizable by the end of the track. The chorus has a beautiful chord progression and contains some subtle guitar work over pleasing vocal harmonies.

This song, while it might seem simple at first listen, resonated with me quite deeply (as I imagine it will with many others). It’s pleasing to listen to and contains an immense amount of passion that many listeners will quickly take to. I’m very excited to hear what else Sanderlings has for us in their future release, which is slated for this spring!

-Under Air Media


Sanderlings is writing an open letter to the secret wildness we find ourselves in on late nights out and lazy dazed afternoons. Finding a balance of outer restlessness and inner quiet with a pulse that is as steady as the tide.

-Earshot Media