Sanderlings is the musical ramblings of longtime DIY musician Woody Locke. A four-piece ocean-themed pop-punk band out of Santa Barbara, CA, they started humbly as a solo project with Woody releasing a home-recorded EP in May 2016 and a 7″ vinyl in November of that year. They recently released their first full-length album in June.

Sanderlings debut album can be ordered here:

The album is streaming here:

Sanderlings is writing an open letter to the secret wildness we find ourselves in on late nights out and lazy dazed afternoons. Finding a balance of outer restlessness and inner quiet with a pulse that is as steady as the tide.

Recently they went in to record at Hidden City Studios with Elliott Lanam who has worked with big-name acts such as Depeche Mode and Don Smith (producer of Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & Bob Dylan) to record a selection of songs that will be released on their debut full-length album due to be released May 2018. “Lizard’s Mouth Feeling” will appear on the album.